Privacy Policy

Taxi Luxury’s website has been especially designed in order to allow any user to visit it, without disclosing his/hers identity, unless prior consent has been given by the user. Visitors of our website are requested to enter their personal identification data, only if they wish to make a reservation or to sign up.

When browsing through our site in order to make a reservation, you will be asked to enter your personal data (name, address, email address), allowing us to contact you regarding your request. Any personal data registered in the webpage or the services of the website, is intended solely for the purpose stated according to the requested service and may not be used by or transmitted to any third party outside the requirements stated by Law 2472/97 regarding protection from personal data processing.

The website operates in complete accordance with the Greek and European Union legislation, retaining safe all your personal data as long as you are a registered user and proceeding to the deletion of the above following termination of the transaction between the parties for any reason.

All personal data entered in the website, is used solely to support and carry out your request and for statistical purposes. The data collected and kept in our website, may be communicated to the judicial, police or any other administrative authority upon legal relevant request according to provisions set out by the Greek legislation.

The telecommunications privacy policy legislation, provides that the customer has the right to access personal date held for him/her and to object the process regarding his personal data as foreseen by the articles 11 to 13 of the Law 2472/1997 as well as access any of his data as foreseen by the article 12 of the Law 2472/97.

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