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Our tour begins via the Athens – Lamia Highway, passing through the cities of Thiva and Levadia. Our first stop is the Osios (Saint) Loucas Byzantine monastery, situated on the picturesque slope of mount Helikon. This historic monastery is one of the most important monuments of Unesco’s World Cultural Heritage, mainly because of its distinguished architecture and its unique murals.

Our route continues through beautiful landscapes and the road leads us to Arachova, one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Greece, built on the south slope of mount Parnassus. For winter sports enthusiasts, one of the best European ski centers, operates nearby in winter time.
We keep on driving for ten more kilometers and we arrive at Delphi, one of Greece’s most historical sites.

Delphi, was an ancient greek city famous for the homonym Oracle, the most prestigious of the ancient Greece. Besides the Oracle you can visit Apollo’s Temple, the Ancient Gymnasium, the Kastalia Spring and the European Cultural Center.
This visit to Delphi, is a stirring experience that takes your mind back to the times of the ancient greek civilization.

During the excursion – and upon relevant request - a professional guide could be of your assistance, to accompany you all throughout your trip and visits to archaeological sites and museums.
We strongly recommend that, as the greek legislation excludes professional drivers from entering and walking around these places accompanying their clients, granting this task to the union of the greek professional guides.

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