Here’s a very tempting proposal to dedicate one of your days of your staying in Greece to get to know the antiquites of the Argolida region, a region of immense archaeological interest.

You’ll have the pleasure to travel to Ancient Korinthos, to Mycenae, to the beautiful city of Nafplion, leaving the ancient theater of Epidaurus as your final destination.

Our tour begins with a visit to Korinthos Canal and the city of Ancient Korinthos, saving King Agamemnon’s ancient city of Mycenae, as our next stop.

There you’ll be able to visit the Royal Palace with the famous Gate of the Lions and the Cyclopean Walls.

We continue our tour and we arrive to Nafplion, modern Greece’s former capital and also site of the first Greek Independent State’s Goverment, under the Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias. You will be guided to Palamidi – a 999 steps castle – to city’s beautiful neoclassical buildings, to the old churches, to the picturesque streets paved with slabs and of course to the Venetian castle of Bourtzi, where once death penalties used to take place.

Our tour ends at the ancient theater of Epidaurus, world famous for its extraordinary acoustics.

You can also visit the Archaeological Museum and the Asklipeion (medical and rehabilitation center dedicated to Asklipios the ancient God of Medicine) of Ancient Epidaurus, the most prestigious of Ancient Greece because of the plethora of the medical incidents brought and cured there not only from all over Greece but from the Mediterranean Basin as well.

During the excursion – and upon relevant request - a professional guide could be of your assistance, to accompany you all throughout your trip and visits to archaeological sites and museums.
We strongly recommend that, as the greek legislation excludes professional drivers from entering and walking around these places accompanying their clients, granting this task to the union of the greek professional guides.



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