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Olympia is situated at the western edge of Peloponnesus, famous for being the birthplace of both ancient Olympic Games during the classical era, as well as the modern ones, carrying the immortality of the antique spirit through the centuries. The ancient Olympic Games were compared only to Pythia Games held in Delphi. There, the Olympic Games first took place in 776 BC, then were held repeatedly every four years. It is worth to mention that the meaning of the ancient Olympic Games was so important, that every hostile activity – even war – between greek cities should come to a cease during the games period. We keep traveling back in time and we have the chance to walk around the Zeus Temple where the giant chryselepfantine statue of Zeus (made of plated ivory and gold panels over a wooden framework), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, stood at 13 mt. high, erected in 430 BC by the sculptor Phidias. The Temple itself sets as a magnificent architectural standard of the Doric order. We proceed to the Philippeion, the entrance to the 45000 seats Stadium, to the Gymnasium used for training and warm up of the athletes and last but not least, to the Olympia Archaeological Museum, where exhibits of unexcelled cultural value are being preserved.

During the excursion – and upon relevant request - a professional guide could be of your assistance, to accompany you all throughout your trip and visits to archaeological sites and museums.

We strongly recommend that, as the greek legislation excludes professional drivers from entering and walking around these places accompanying their clients, granting this task to the union of the greek professional guides.

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